A BIG Thank you to all ‘The Little Dudes’

A BIG Thank you to all ‘The Little Dudes’

By H. G. Sansostri

Hey guys!

H.G here.

I just wanted to say how awesome you readers have been for supporting me in the past eighteen months. Every single positive comment, every re-tweet & favourite on Twitter, every like on my Facebook page and every ‘Hi H.G’ on my website has been a massive help.

I’ve got to say, things have really changed from when I first started doing my Book Talks. Eighteen months ago I was talking to audiences of about twenty to forty children at a time in libraries and school classrooms.

Now, I talk to school assemblies of about three to four-hundred kids at a time, no sweat!

In a year my talk has developed in oh so many ways.

For example I interact more freely with the audience and make it more comical, whilst maintaining my important message about bullying. I admit, for the first few months I was nervous about my talks so I didn’t branch off my talk guide at all, yes, that is my big red book that you’re all familiar with. Now I forget I’ve got a talk guide as I get carried away with you lot!

I’ve also added in more content to my talk, such as drama sequences, more readings and a couple of quizzes from my book ‘The Little Dudes Skool Survival Guide’ to make it more fun.

As well as that, I have enjoyed my talks so much that it didn’t feel good to be restricted to the guide, so as soon as I started to add in some random jokes and questions it became a lot more free and fun with you guys.

And not only, but I’ve met so many characters during my talks! I’ve met the ‘cheeky crowd’ (they were a ton of fun during my talks), the real serious listeners that understood my every word and asked amazingly complex questions and the ‘drama crowd’ that performed so well during the readings and drama scenes.

It’s been a blast visiting the past forty five schools. I’ve loved every second of it.

Now I look forward to the exciting future.

But hey, I can’t wait for October because that’s when my new School Tour will be revived and renewed with new material, scenarios, quizzes and more!

Also I just wanted to talk about my new book

‘The Chronicles Of Derek Dunstable.’

It will be coming out late 2015 and I’m so excited to see it become a published, physical real-life copy. I’m also looking forward to designing the jacket/cover too.

The book this time is fiction, not a guide.

Here’s a little taster from my new book –

‘The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable’

I open my mouth to reply to him, slightly annoyed at his inability to trust in me, but then shut my mouth. Why did I think he would believe me anyway? I must be crazy if I thought he would even as so much as laugh at that.

I instinctively turn around to see what the two girls are doing. One of them is still gossiping to the other, chuckling as she talks about someone behind her book. But the other girl, with ginger hair and freckles…

She’s just staring at me with a cold scary glare, making my heart freeze.

Did she just hear what I said?

I slowly turn around and continue to read my book, my eyes wide and my once calm and relaxed mood rocketing into an unsettled one. First there’s Mr. Horatio assuming that I got a detention from Miss Jeanette, and now this girl staring at me for some reason.

Maybe Mr. Horatio talked to Miss Jeanette in the staff room and found out that I got a detention. I mean, how else would he find out? Unless he looked at the Detention Book, there was no way he could’ve found out.

But the coach.

And this girl shooting daggers into my back.

So, that is a little teaser from

‘The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable.’

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Have a great summer and keep in touch.

Peace out =D