Hello everyone!

This blog is about a really frustrating journey that I took yesterday for an audition. I mean, it’s been a long time since I had an audition as I’m a tall fourteen year old and my voice has dropped, so neither a boy or a man! A hard one in the casting world, so this episode only added to the frustration of getting there.

So we arrive at the Underground station, find a parking space and my mum skilfully parks the car, anticipating a speedy journey to our destination; Leicester Square.

Well, speedy isn’t really the right word. I think the word ‘slow technological malfunctions’ fits better.


‘The new way to park’ (means using your phone by calling or using your credit card) the notification board was standing right next to our car, so mum got out to pay with her contactless credit card. No result!

Doesn’t sound so bad so far, right?

Then my mum moves on to send a text to the company with the word ‘PARK’ in it ( as per instructions) to be charged for the space. We wait a few minutes for the confirmation and No result! We then move onto phase three.


Mum finally undergoes a drawn out phone call with an operator this time to discuss the problem and after twenty minutes this was finally resolved. What was the point of leaving early for the audition if we are kept back by these so called clever machines?


That’s not the end though. What really took the biscuit was that as we are walking towards the entry point of the underground with mum ranting about the ridiculousness of the situation, we see a sign that literally says this;


Use the contactless payment method to save extra time on your parking!

I mean, if technology is meant to make things faster and easier, and most importantly the machines are invented to replace human beings, what was that all about? Sure, machines can malfunction, but it didn’t seem like anyone from the Underground or from the company itself were very bothered to deal with the problem. As a result, it made us very nervous that we weren’t going to arrive on time, especially as we had our journey planned to arrive nice and early at my audition.

Also, the funny thing is, it would’ve been quicker to pay the usual way! The old fashioned coin machine that responds with a nice little parking ticket! And the man in his little kiosk saying “Good Afternoon all okay?” sigh!

Peace out H.G