The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable


Life hasn’t always been easy for nerdy fourteen-year-old Derek Dunstable.
But when he sees something terrifying and unimaginable happen at his school, St Augustine, his life suddenly gets much worse.
He has to carry the torch of hope through the darkest hours and survive the long days ahead. He has to find a way to get through the nightmare that has taken over his school.
But he must remember one thing above all:


Who is Derek Dunstable?

Derek is nothing special, he’s your average slightly built, nerdy, particularly spotty fourteen year-old school boy. Nothing special about that is there? But some people’s talents are never discovered unless they truly dig deep and search within themselves. Derek must take the role as the hero in this apocalypse or become one of them…a mindless drone of the headmaster’s large army.

Life will never be the same again for the students of St Augustine’s Secondary School. Only the strongest will survive the unrelenting hordes of students and teachers. Their main objective becomes a re-occurring nightmare as they realise there is no escape. The only way out of the school is to plunder back into its depths to fight and kill the so-called ‘martyr’ of the Code’s ranks; The Headmaster.

The Little Dudes’ Skool Survival Guide


Are you having hard times at school? Are your friends not cutting you any slack at all?  Then come and join Ethan and his goofy friend Billy on an adventure into the wilderness of school – more dangerous than a venture into a live volcano! In order to survive you must adapt or otherwise…KABOOM!


This book manages to deliver a witty, sarcastic and sensitive read, on how to deal with everyday school life in primary school,  it is also a perspective from a child’s point of view. It’s realistic and full of wisdom, considering the authors age.

The two book stars ‘Billy and Ethan’ bring the book to life with their different scenarios of school life that makes you feel you are there with them.

Billy and Ethan are two delicious characters who make you feel you would like to be their buddy too!  They try their very best to get their message across on how to deal with your school life and the beasty bullies!