‘Celebrity Big Bully 2015’

‘Celebrity Big Bully 2015’

By 13yr old H.G. Sansostri


Hello, I watch Big Brother every evening with my parents and I decided to write a blog for my website…


Big Brother is a show where ten or more contestants are selected after a series of auditions, or in the case of ‘The Celebs’ a big pay cheque!


(You can see I’ve done my research.)

They then go and live in the famous Big Brother house, or shall we call it, our TV Goldfish Bowl!

Inside the house, all the contestants are filmed by secret CCTV cameras, placed strategically in different parts of the house, the cameras record their every movement, no matter what is said or done, there is no taking away the fact that the contestants are on tape!

That’s why I really like this show because it actually relates a lot to modern school life in a way and yes sometimes bullying.

For the first few days the contestants try to be ‘socially correct’; they are nice to the people they secretly dislike and don’t really gossip about each other. However, once Big Brother gets going here we have it…

The Diary Room (the place where they talk and confide to Big Brother) has a big involvement in the conspiracies.

So now the show really begins, they record the contestants talking to Big Brother and sometimes painfully, for the contestants, show it to them all via the TV screen in the living area, and there, right there, the drama begins!

Some people complain that this shouldn’t be done, but in my opinion its the whole point of the show. The people inside the house knew what they were signing up for and willingly applied for the show, they weren’t forced to were they?

They also take a nice meaty cheque home for their services to Big Brother!

The show really relates to school life. My analogy is…

It’s like the adult version of secondary school. The adults are the students, Big Brother are the teachers ( and the trials that are given to the contestants are lessons and the house is the school.)

What’s very interesting about this, is that some people want to be the centre of attention and want people to praise them continually, follow them around like a pet dog and join alliances. But when someone else comes into the picture and steals that attention away from them, it reveals that person for what they are, sometimes good, sometimes not so good? Egotistical!

Take this year’s Celebrity Big Brother for example. Katie Hopkins is a very popular personality in the house; she has quite a few friends in there and is usually the centre of attention. Yes it is ‘The Katie Hopkins Show’


(though I wouldn’t like her to be my Mum! what kind of an example is she to her children, its alright to be mean and belittle others?)

But another man in this year’s show, called Perez Hilton (or Mario Armando, who’s a little bit silly), came and has maybe conquered Katie Hopkins by continually taking the attention away from her and using it for his own ends, (clever Perez) though maybe both as bad as each other?


He is in my opinion, funny and silly, although sometimes he takes jokes too far, he’s not half as mean or as calculating as Katy Hopkins, she has gone too far with being ‘Clever’ and is a BIG BULLY!


Because of this, Katie Hopkins started to realize she had strong competition so she formed her own group of sidemen (again just like high school!) made up of Michelle Visage, Cami Li, Chloe Goodman, Callum Best and Kavana. They all had one thing in common ‘Hate Perez’.

Michelle CBB
CBB 6 Cami
CBB 12 chloe Goodman
Chloe Goodman
CBB 8 Callum
CBB 7 Kav



Its not that I agree with his behaviour all the time, but what I can’t agree on is excluding someone from the group, isn’t Katy Hopkins just as bad then? he didn’t ask people to exclude her did he or form a ‘Hate Katie’ group? She tries to win over Perez all the time doesn’t she, but what a cunning way to win, she needs therapy!


In this situation, I think Perez Hilton is the ‘new kid’ to the CBB school; you know, the kid in secondary school that tries to act funny to gain popularity but the popular kid in the school (Katie Hopkins) doesn’t want them stealing their thunder, so decides to continually alienate them and pick on them, trying to get as many kids as they can in ‘The Mean Lean Group’

This is goes on in my school; it’s not so much bullying (because I would have reported it to a teacher if so) but it always happens to this one guy in my year whom I will call Ken (all identities protected!).

Ken tries to be funny and tries so hard to fit in, but yet popular kids in my year instantly find him a threat and dislike him for no reason, why does there always have to be a scapegoat for mean people. I hear kids say; ‘he’s so annoying’ and ‘he tries to act so hard’ and ‘I hate him’.

Why? because they need someone to pick on!

But to be honest, I don’t find Ken annoying.

Even if I don’t find all of Ken’s jokes funny, I laugh to make him feel comfortable rather than stare at him in a way that makes him feel uncomfortable. That’s not hard to do is it?

Also, what’s with the seriousness?

Honestly, in Big Brother, I find Perez hilariously funny. Weird, yes, but funny. Yet everyone else despises his jokes, because they don’t want to admit he’s funny when he can be sometimes. Though he does need to back off when people have had enough.

This leaves me fascinated with the behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother House…

Adults being mean children literally!

This is for you Katy Hopkins…


‘If you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’          by Bambi, Walt Disney

On a much happier note, thank you all for reading this blog!


I hope you enjoyed my ranting on CBB and school and how they are both so comparable.

Peace out

H.G Sansostri.