Kind is not a word to be bullied

 Kind is not a word to be bullied…


When you’re in Year Six you feel like you have mastered school and that the next seven years will be even easier?

Then you go to secondary school and you’re met with a whole new world all over again, Okay here we go, we need to master secondary school to make sure we get through it the best we possibly can.

The secondary schools’ world is so vast and different from primary school life. As we are a mix of kids, teenagers and adults, with one thing in common we are all students. The age range from 11yrs old to 18yrs old can be pretty daunting for some.

One thing I feel I can describe is the way kind people are treated. I do consider myself kind, or I like to think so,

Okay, let’s say Kind is a person. So we now have Mr. Kind who is, well, kind to everyone and quite a few people like him. He hangs out with a few friends, goes out with them on the weekends and even has a girlfriend called Miss Sweet.


No matter how kind Mr. Kind is, or ‘Safe’ as some people say, there will always be a small gang who have it in for him.

Like Mr Kind, we can also have a group of people who we can call Mr. Mean, Miss. Sly, Mr. Bully, Mr. Two-Faced and Mr Sideman.


This group of people will usually look at Mr. Kind and think to themselves;

Hm. Quite a lot of people like him. He’s even got a girlfriend. This guy is stealing my thunder!’


This is where people like Mr. Mean realise that their reputation is threatened. So they hatch their own plan to humiliate Mr. Kind as much as possible, in any way, especially by joining alliances with the other ‘Meanies’ its the way bullies work!

You see, they recognise and don’t like the fact that Mr. Kind is strong inside and out, as he doesn’t join in with ‘The Group’ to make himself feel bigger by belittling other kids, so yes, he stands out from the rest as being ‘STRONG’, not weak?


Also, because these kinds of people have their own cronies know as Mr. & Miss. Sidemen, their mean comments about Mr. Kind will be supported and strengthened by the Sidemen.

So does this send a message to you readers saying; don’t be nice! You’ll only survive if you’re a mean inconsiderate person like Mr. Mean?


No, please, that’s not the case at all.

You can still be nice and stand up tall for what YOU believe in.


Also, here’s a tip just before I finish. I actually learnt this off someone off ‘You Tube’ on a blogging channel;

If you are really nice to people who you don’t like you, they get really confused and almost become contaminated with your kindness and consideration. Way to go, that’s what I say!


Anyway, thank you for reading this blog. I do apologise for the lack of blogs recently because I have been really busy with book talks and such. So thank you again for reading, please remember to leave a comment in the comments section and please share my website with others.

Peace out.


Harri 🙂