I have recently been reading a lot of new book genres, especially thriller books. One of them I am currently reading right now is called ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith (alias of J.K. Rowling) and it is a very good book. It is full of a lot of mature content and if you want to read it I advise that you ask your parents and make sure it’s okay by them for you to read it.

But, even though that book is good, it is nothing like the legendary thriller writer Linwood Barclay.


Linwood has written many thriller novels recently and has just released a new book called ‘Broken Promise’ which follows the events after ‘Never Look Away’ which is about a man called David Harwood uncovering the dark secrets of the town Promise Falls in which he lives in. It is full of sudden surprises, nail-biting suspense as you turn each page and fast-paced action. I definitely recommend all of his books to any avid reader.

My favourite out of all his works is ‘A Tap on The Window’ as it has such a unique story that completely envelopes you and makes you read for hours if you pick it up. It is the literal meaning of the phrase ‘you’ll pick it up and won’t be able to put it down’!


The story starts with private detective Cal Weaver driving home on a rainy night when a young teenage girl knocks on his window, begging to be driven home and to avoid trekking home through the rain. He reluctantly gives her a lift, stopping once at a fast food restaurant and dropping her off somewhere close to her home. When there is news of a murder of a young woman, and with him as one of the main suspects, he has to investigate further to find out what really happened to her and who killed her.

I get goose bumps just writing about it because it’s such a good book – I could not put it down until I got to the ending, which is sad yet satisfying and it ties up all loose ends. The writing is descriptive, the dialogue flows and interests the reader, the characters are unique yet believable and the emotions portrayed are powerful. If he wants you to feel scared you will feel scared – Linwood is the puppet master and the reader is the puppet, making them feel exactly how he wants them to feel. I definitely recommend this book and I hope any of you readers out there (with your parents permission of course!) come to enjoy this book as much as I did.

Thank you all for reading this review of my favourite author on my website. I do apologise for the delay of this blog – I have been SO busy with writing and school that it’s all piled up. I’ll be starting more book talks soon in early 2016 and, hey, I might even be coming down to your school for a visit. So please, stay tuned for more blogs and updates and I hope you all have an awesome day.