My Visit to Highgate Primary…

My  Visit to Highgate Primary…

June 2015.



Well last week was my last book talk of the school year with Highgate Primary. My next ones will start up again in October.

Anyways, I went to visit Highgate Primary School last Friday. Where I met Ms. Joanna Brown, the literacy co-ordinator, who had organised my visit and she was really nice to myself & my Mum and made us feel very welcome.

I had a big audience of 250 children who were brilliant as they really participated and also listened when they needed too.

I always feel nervous at the beginning of a talk, but then the moment I start I can’t stop! So I introduced myself so the kids could get to know me better and I got to know the kids.  We did lots of stuff together, we did readings, quizzes,

drama scenarios and to finish off question time. We also talked a lot about bullying and how important it is to be kind to each other. They asked me lots of questions about the time I was bullied and I responded honestly to them. I hope that they will remember my important message.

If someone isn’t being nice to you and you feel that you’re being bullied, ‘YOU MUST REPORT IT ‘

I also hope that my book will help the children who came to my talk and most of all that they’ll enjoy it too.

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Hey kids get in touch with me and let me know  ‘What Specific are you’  its all in my book!


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Peace out guys 🙂   H.G.