Stuff About H.G.

Hi, I’m known as Harri, but my writers name is H.G Sansostri, which is officially Harrison Giovanni Sansostri. I was born in High Barnet, North London on the 17 09 01 and Mum told me it was a cold, rainy night, the night that I presented myself. Apparently later on, when the nurses had settled us into the ward, Mum held me up to the window, and said ‘Welcome to the world, it’s all yours little man’

a5I wrote ‘The Little Dudes Skool Survival Guide’ when I was 10 years old in year 5, and finished it when I was 11yrs old in year 6. It was then published on my 12th birthday.

Also what inspired me to write were the children at my primary school. Observation was key to my book, all the different personalities, characters, looks, friendships and fall outs we had, gave me an endless amount of material to write about. Though the children in my book are fictional some of the stories are true! Eventually I turned all my notes into a book!


Whilst I was going into schools to do author talks and interviews for my book, basically enjoying the success of ‘The Little Dudes’, I started to write ‘The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable’ that’s when I was twelve years old, this book took a whole two years to write, as I never realised how many drafts later it would become a book, it eventually did, with lots and lots of hard work and discipline on my behalf.


‘The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable’ is about your average, nerdy 14yr old boy who finds himself in a position where he has to become a hero, he has no other choice, but to face up to the nightmare that has possessed his school, friends and teachers. I’m saying no more than that!

a12I’m also a child actor and have worked in film, cinema, theatre & TV. I’ve had some fantastic experiences and hope to continue with my acting. Ironically drama is my favourite subject.

hgI do lots of author visits into schools and really enjoy meeting the children. I hope I’ve inspired some to write as well, to believe in themselves and become what they want to become.